The Data-Driven Athlete

RunScribe™ provides 3D insight into the mechanics of how you run. Let the data drive you towards smarter training decisions.


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The Most Advanced Running Wearable

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Take Your Run

  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Swap between shoes
  • Auto start/stop
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Upload Your Run

  • Using a Bluetooth smart device
  • (iOS or Android)

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Analyze Your Run

  • Personal account at
  • Web-based visualization & analysis tools
  • Calculates overall run stress
  • Capture & analyze 3D running metrics
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Run Smarter

  • Build a comprehensive run history
  • Identify how terrain, shoe wear and shoe type alter running mechanics
  • Identify injury risks by seeing the impacts of fatigue
  • Compare metrics to make informed training decisions

While other running technologies offer limited information — merely tracking steps, distance, and speed — RunScribe provides an unprecedented 3D view of how an athlete really runs.

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